i-Range Ball Picker

i-Range Ball Picker

i-Range Picker Specifications

Model  Width  Baskets  Ball Capacity
DP03  2000  3Mtrs  6 No 1800 balls
DP05  3000  5Mtrs  10 No 3000 balls

The i-Range ball pickers are one of the strongest and lightest pickers in the market they are designed to fit all types of vehicles from small buggies to light weight mini tractors.

They will pick up balls on the most uneven surfaces in all conditions, they have 360 degrees of rotation and do not leave gaps whilst turning.

Made from hot dipped galvanised steel with bright zinc basket spindles to prohibit corrosion. Each gang of baskets are independent of each other allowing free movement to follow the contour of the range.

Each basket frame has its own front inflatable support wheel with ball deflectors allowing an even weight distribution giving an effortless smooth ride.

The picker discs are ABS plastic injection moulded ensuring a flexible but very strong and wear resistant life and will operate in extreme conditions. They are mounted with bearing units at each side for free running.

The baskets are light weight moulded plastic but extremely strong and durable, easier to lift than the wire style baskets they also stack together for better storage.

i-Line Spares:
Please note that some spare parts can be ordered separately. For information on baskets and discs please contact the office for further information.